Week #5- No More Drifting


As I was reading the Master Keys for this week 5:2 really stuck out for me.

The Subconscious processes are always at work; the only question is, are we to be simply passive recipients of this activity, or are we to consciously direct the work? Shall we have a vision of the destination to be reached, the dangers to be avoided, or shall we simply drift?

All my life, I would have to say I have been completely oblivious to the power of the subconscious mind and our ability to have influence on it.  I have been drifting…until now!

Sleep has awakened

Thanks to the exercises and readings in the Master Keys, I can say I am no longer drifting.

I like the analogy used in  5:9.

If either of us was building a home for ourselves, how careful we would be in the regard of plans; how we should study every detail; how we should watch the material and select only the best of everything; and yet how careless we are when it comes to building our Mental home, which is infinitely more important than any physical home, as everything which can possibly enter into our lives depends upon the character of the material which enters into the construction of our Mental Home.

I have been very guilty of letting inferior thoughts enter into my subconscious and then let it be come  “my own”.  I like to please people, conflict was the worst thing for me, and based a lot of my worth on what I thought others thought of me.  That is an awful lot of wrong thinking.  I knew I needed to change my thinking but I thought it took more than just thinking what I wanted to think about myself.  I thought it was too hard, so I never tried until now.

In 5:11 and 5:12

…if we have stored away nothing but courageous thought, if we have been optimistic, positive, and have immediately thrown any kind of negative thought on the scrap pile, have refused to have anything to do with it, have refused to associate with it or become identified with it in any way, what then is the result?  Our mental material is now of the best kind; we can weave any kind of material we want; we can use any color we wish; we know that the texture is firm, that the material is solid, that it will not fade, and we have no fear, no anxiety concerning the future; there is nothing to cover; there are no patches to hide.

The thing to do is to have a mental house-cleaning, and to have this house-cleaning every day, and KEEP the house clean.

Since beginning MKMMA, I have been doing a mental house-cleaning everyday.  I have not eliminated the stressors that used to bother me.  I have simply chosen not to let them and as  Og says:

…my desire to meet the world overcomes every fear I once knew at sunrise, and I am happier than I ever believed it possible in this world of strife and sorrow.

Master Key 5:5 sums it all up

We can consciously use all the desirable characteristics with which we have been provided and we can repress and refuse to allow the undesirable ones to manifest.


strong foundation

Week # 4- Recognizing the Power of Affirmation


As we progress in this hero’s journey, I would like to share some discoveries I have made along the way thus far.  Master keys is our guide on how to retrain our subconscious and attract the people. resources, and forces needed to make our dreams come to fruition.  In the Master Keys we read:

It is this method of study to which civilized nations owe the greater part of their prosperity and the more valuable part of their knowledge; it has lengthened life, it has mitigated pain, it has spanned rivers, it has brightened the night with the splendor of day, extended the range of vision, accelerated motion, annihilated distance, facilitated intercourse, and enabled men to descend into the sea, and into the air.

I have seen this happen in the last week in several ways.  The first has to do with mitigate pain.  I was at a business training with a group of friends and teammates who are also MKMMA classmates.  On the second morning of our training, one of my friends awoke with an incredibly intense headache. She took some ibuprofen but in the past this has not always been effective.  Now that we have learned how powerful the subconscious mind is, she told her subconscious to make the pain go away.  It did and she was able to get the most out from the training because she told her subconscious what she wanted and it went to work on making it happen.  So awesome!

Bald Eagle

Another example was while I was doing a workout.  I was doing a hill climb on a treadmill and I wanted to push it hard.  Every time I reached a section of the climb that was challenging, I would repeat, “I can be what I will to be” until I made it through.  I am sure just int he 30 minutes I did the workout, I said that affirmation more than 20 times.

 Every time you repeat it realize who and what the “I” is; try to come into a thorough understanding of the true nature of the “I”; if you do you will become invincible…

Master Key 4:10

Also, I observed this week how my blueprint has begun to change.  Today marks my last day of a 10 day cleanse  and I made it through the 10 days with no cheating!  In the past, I would have easily given in to temptation and just said it is for some people but not me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still struggled with temptation and it was tough, but I didn’t give in and I made it to the end!  I believe I owe it all to the exercises the Master Key has us go through.  I look forward to seeing more revelations such as these as we head onward in our journey.







Week #3- Fear = Sloth!

Fear 1Wow, when Mark J said that fear is equal to sloth it hit home hard.  I will openly admit, because hiding it does me no good, I have that personal devil and to have those equal sloth hurt my ego a bit. I see myself as an industrious person, how could I be slothful?  But when taking a step back and really analyzing it, it is true.  Why do I worry or have fears, anxiety?  I have those because there are things I should have done or should be doing right now that I have not done or worse yet avoided.  I see now that I really need to change that blueprint in me.  They told us to look for links in the webinar, here is one I see.  Our daily exercise, to say out loud  “Do It NOW”  25 times, would be a key to not having fear.


Also, knowing that we can influence the subconscious with just a thought,concentrating on the object of your desire, we can turn that fear around.  Fear and excitement produce the same chemical in the body, so the only difference is what you are thinking.  So lets get excited and kick fear out of our heads!  Let’s fill our subconscious with non-resistant, pleasant thoughts; thoughts of courage, power, confidence, and hope.

Our daily exercises to sit for 15 minutes and relax every muscle is also a link to eliminating fear.

Master Keys 3-31. Tension leads to mental unrest and abnormal mental activity of the mind; it produces worry, care, fear, and anxiety.  Relaxation is therefore an absolute necessity in order to allow the mental facilities to exercise the greatest freedom.

So I am going to work on eradicating fear from my mind this week and open my mind to the possibilities awaiting me.





Week#2- Digital Connections #1 Here We Go!

I am so excited for learning about getting a blog going.  I have been running a blog for a while, but have not really learned what I am doing. This is going to be so helpful.  I already learned a lot from last night’s webinar.  Thank you to the Digital Divas!  I am going to have to go back and watch the replay because this technology thing is slow for me.  My husband is a computer programmer and he fills in my weaknesses here, so I haven’t been pushed to learn it.    Now is the time for me to put on my big girl pants and learn it for myself!

I want to help people and get information out to them, so this is going to help me do that in a manner that will attract them and keep them coming back for more. I like that we are required to go to others blogs, as this will give me the opportunity to see other styles of writing and other themes.  Also the sharing on social media will help me learn more about that, which then I can use that knowledge for my business blog as well.

A successful blog is part of my DMP and so let the journey begin towards that dream!

Week 2- Changes

Wow, it has been only a week and I can see so many changes happening.  I recognize when my old blue print tries to influence me and celebrate the changes occurring in me that help me resist my old blueprint.  It is still there, but its influence is waning.    When I began, I was concerned about the 15 minutes of sitting still.  I usually am going, going, going and the thought of having to force myself to sit still was so against my nature.  Now I really enjoy that time and look forward to it.  I do have to admit, the second phase of the sit, inhibiting thought, is a bit more challenging because like my body, my mind has always been on the go as well.  I will overcome this, because there is no try, only do in MKMMA 🙂



One of the most exciting things for me though, is that I get to take this heroes journey with several of my friends and my husband.  It makes my heart swell to see changes in them already, too.  There is an energy that is around all of us and I have seen the words and attitudes of all of us  become more positive and uplifting.  That in itself is rewarding and it has only been 1 week.  I look forward to week 26 to look back at the road we traveled and to see the changes we all make.

I really enjoy reading the DMP card.  It really energizes me and makes me feel almost giddy to say “Do it now” 25 times with enthusiasm. Perhaps it is the inner child coming out.  Whatever it is, I find myself looking forward to that task.  Here in Minnesota, where the weather is turning colder, doing this task outside is even more invigorating.



Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for all of us.

Week 1- Today I Begin a New Life

I am so excited to be apart of the MKMMA. I am looking forward to all the changes in my thinking that will occur over the next 6 months and how those changes in thinking will bring success in all areas of my life.
As I read through the first scroll. The thing that stands out the most for me is, “I will form good habits and become their slave.”   I have noticed in my life many errors in judgement which have led to bad habits.    We also can become a slave to bad habits. I have been working on some of those bad habits before starting this program and have successfully become a slave to a new good habit.  The most prevalent and recent one is working out and getting physical exercise.  It was a struggle to replace the bad habit of not exercising with getting up early and getting it done.  Many times my old blueprint would say, one day won’t matter.  But I knew it would and I persevered.  Today, I miss going to workout if I don’t go and it has become a lifelong habit.  I long for how it makes me feel afterward, and I enjoy the activity.   I look forward to replacing more  bad habits with new good habits.

I am eager to work on the world within, because I have known that is what I needed to do, but had so many excuses to keep me from it.  Now as  a part of MKMMA there is no try there is only do, so I know that I will finally face what it is I need to face.

I also connected with Master Key Number 17

All possession is based on consciousness.  All gain is the result of accumulative consciousness. All loss is the result of a scattering consciousness.

I have felt a lack of control in my life and focus and as a result I have had some difficulties come up in my life.  I am confident once I get rid of the scattered consciousness the solutions to those difficulties will appear.